A secret letter from Jacob Lee

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Within this envelope are numerous hours. Hours of contemplating how best to thank you for welcoming my music into your life. Like me, you appreciate stories. Carefully crafted sentences which tell multiple tales at once. Lyrics, poetry & literature that slips through the cracks of our hearts, healing them from the inside out. Words, that transcend that of language. 

Storytelling is my passion. My muse, & my strength. Hidden within this envelope is a small token to you. The soul who's lent an ear to my work. Thank you for being here. This is for you x 

  • A secret message.
  • Fine art paper envelope.
  • Hand crafted, distressed card.
  • Official Lowly Lyricist Wax Stamp.
  • In collaboration with LAVA Stationery
  • Associated with Philosophical Records & Lowly Lyricist.